Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Hello Mrs. Brady!

I was definitely a fan of The Brady Bunch back in the day, but I think that I love even more now that I appreciate the kitschy style and cute banter!

In particular, I LOVE Mrs. Brady's hair. It always looks effortless.

It seemed that she could rock a mullet with sophistication and grace. I think the long tresses at the back give her a soft, angelic quality!

I'm starting to grow my hair out (sorry Mom!) from a pixie into something quite a bit longer.

I've been searching around for styles to help me stay the course during those dreaded "in-between" stages.

Hence, the Mrs. Brady.

Cute, right?

Slightly angelic!!

Completely adorable!!

Looks easy to take care of too, right?

And doesn't she look great in this style too?
Thanks, Mrs. Brady, for inspiring me through many thoughts of dread regarding upcoming "in-between stages."


  1. I love this, especially the Mrs. Brady mullet! I used to watch it after school as a kid and now they are on in the afternoon again! Such fun to revisit them, they are classics! Good Luck with growing your hair out, I'm sure it will look great! -- Tina


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