Monday, 23 January 2012

What to Put On The BACK of Your Postcards

So we've all been busy making beautiful mixed media postcards.

Any ideas what you're going to put on the BACKS of them?

Fear not, lovelies. I have some suggestions for you!

Aren't these vintage postcards beautiful?

This one was made when postage only cost a penny!

Of course the first thing on the the list will be the recipient's mailing address. This should be the easiest thing to see on the back since a lot of the postal services now have scanners that read the address instead of having an actual person read it. Keep this in mind when you are decorating the backs...

Here are some other ideas for what you might want to put on the BACKS of your postcards:
1. The recipient's mailing address
2. Your own name
3. Where you're from
4. Your blog/website address (if you have one!)
5. Your email address (if you want encourage further contact)
6. A little message (similar to what you would write on any "vacation-style" postcard)
7. A favourite quote or saying
8. A description of how you created your art postcard and/or what materials you used
9. Paste on a moo card or your artsy business card
10. Words of encouragement - remember, another real live artist will be receiving this, so what would YOU want to read on a card?
11. Leave room for stamps!

Most importantly of all, perhaps, is to leave room for postage. Remember that if you are sending internationally, you might have to put more than one stamp on the card. Make sure the stamp(s) won't cover over any of your message!


  1. great ideas! thanks for just to get the fronts finished!!

  2. I always put off making the backs, but they aren't nearly as hard as I always think they will be! I need to get finished up! Thanks for the reminders.

  3. Loved the 1cent and 2 cent back. Thanks for the ideas.

  4. All set and ready to send. Can't wait! I love MailArt. Thanks for this opportunity.Beth

  5. Blustery days are awesome for creating bright and vivid backgrounds. ?What storm? I am looking forward to getting my list.

  6. My name is Madison Kirkman and I own and I would like to ask if I can use the one cent two cent postcard. I would use it on the back of some old postcards about Gasoline train cars. I would sell them so I thought that I should ask. Please respond to

    Best Regards,
    Madison Kirkman


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