Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Roberts Creek Love

I spent the past few days in Roberts Creek with a couple of great friends!

Roberts Creek is on the Sunshine Coast in BC, Canada - a 40-minute ferry ride from Vancouver. It's accessible and totally magical. Not an island, but has that laid-back island vibe that I just love.

While I was there, I went to the beach at the mouth of the creek and soaked up some sun!

It was a gorgeous day!

More on Roberts Creek tomorrow!

Monday, 30 July 2012

A New Cutter!!

I bought a rotary cutter today - something I've been wanting for weeks!

I wondered about getting a more expensive one - this one was only $12.99, and there were more common brand named cutters selling for more. I opted for this one, though, since I'll pretty much only be cutting cottons and using a self-healing mat.

Since I'm starting a new line of journals (can't wait to show you!), a good simple cutting tool is absolutely necessary!!!

Friday, 27 July 2012

New Chair Covers

John and I bought a new-to-us dining room set straight out of the 40s. We love the detail and the colour of the wood!

Unfortunately the chair pads are not really in our (my) realm of decor, so I'm going to have to recover them. Easy as pie, but oh to find the right fabric...!

See what I mean? The cushions are comfy, but not really "us."
We couldn't resist the set, though! It's it great?!

Thursday, 26 July 2012

A Greatly Talented Artist!

I received a fabulous gift from my friend Debs Pouliot - these amazing earrings!

They consist of silver, glass and agate stone, all in my favourite colour! I don't know how she could know me so well, but these earrings were MADE for me (literally and figuratively!)

The earrings are quite unique, since they can be separated into three different styles depending on which dangly bits I want for the day. Great idea, and it makes the earrings very versatile.

Read more about Debs here.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

A Rose By Any Other Name

Look at what I found in the garden this morning...

So delicate yet so determined. I'm already craving its full-bloom scent.

Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Call For Entries

Lark Publishing has put out a call for entries for an upcoming collection of 500 handmade books.

Remember my custom daytimer? I'm entering it in! Here are a few images that I'll be entering...

Here is the full cover - back, front and spine. 
Front cover
a shot of the inside - a signature containing my address book

Monday, 23 July 2012

New Toys on Etsy

I just listed some of my handmade plush gremlins in my etsy shop.

They're completely mischievous, yet they'll melt your heart once you hold one of them.

Click here to see the toys section of my shop.
A purple quadrupus...
A forest green bunny-style gremlin
This happy guy has a cute hair-do
This squishy gremlin is ready for snuggles!
With the exception of the forest green one, the toys are all baby safe as they have no choking hazards. 

And they are CRAZY fun to make since each one is unique :)

Friday, 20 July 2012

Complete Surrender

This week I surrendered to my internal voice.

On Wednesday I was supposed to pack up and drive three hours to a Vipassana Retreat. Once there, I would maintain noble silence for ten straight days.

Ten days of silence of the mind and soul. No reading, writing, creating, speaking, gesturing...

To top it off, sleeveless tops were not permitted, and I was not ready to cover my arms in the heat of summer in the desertous mountains.

So I've postponed my trip.

In the winter, when I am overwhelmed with routine, students, lesson plans and the gloom of short days and early darkness, I will seek retreat in Vipassana.

I can't wait!
Image via Chopra Centre
Part of me feels guilty that I cancelled this experience for myself, but then the realistic side of me steps forward and pats my head and gives me permission to dig in my garden and read books without guilt.

Isn't it funny how life unfolds...?

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

A New Style

I had lunch today with the ever-talented Pam Holladay. She showed me some of her fancywork and I became inspired to create! Here's what I made :)

You can visit Pam here : http://pamholladay.blogspot.com

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Journeys Await

Over the next three weeks I will be out of touch with the digital world.

While the thought makes me feel anxious, there is a part of me that is yearning for the calm of a mind that is not consumed by technological stimuli.

Where am I going?

Two different places.

The first place is an over-indulgent, all-inclusive week in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Here is a link to see where we'll be staying.

The second place on my list of travels is where the real change of pace comes in. I'll be attending a 10-day silent retreat at the Dhamma Surabhi Vipassana Meditation Centre of British Columbia. Ten days of no speaking, gestures, reading, writing, or electronics.

Ten days of being.

I encourage you to click on this link and to read the Code of Conduct - it's going to be a real treat to escape from everything and just be me.

I'm hoping that when I get back on the 28th of July, I will be ready to resume daily blogging. I know for certain that I will be itching to get into my art upon my return!

I hope you'll all enjoy your Julys and that you'll join me in August!

Much love,