Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Journeys Await

Over the next three weeks I will be out of touch with the digital world.

While the thought makes me feel anxious, there is a part of me that is yearning for the calm of a mind that is not consumed by technological stimuli.

Where am I going?

Two different places.

The first place is an over-indulgent, all-inclusive week in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Here is a link to see where we'll be staying.

The second place on my list of travels is where the real change of pace comes in. I'll be attending a 10-day silent retreat at the Dhamma Surabhi Vipassana Meditation Centre of British Columbia. Ten days of no speaking, gestures, reading, writing, or electronics.

Ten days of being.

I encourage you to click on this link and to read the Code of Conduct - it's going to be a real treat to escape from everything and just be me.

I'm hoping that when I get back on the 28th of July, I will be ready to resume daily blogging. I know for certain that I will be itching to get into my art upon my return!

I hope you'll all enjoy your Julys and that you'll join me in August!

Much love,


  1. Have a wonderful time in both places. I'm eager to hear how you enjoy the Dhamma Center stay. What a challenge in our techie age, but what a relief to just BE. I'll be eagerly awaiting your stories when you return. Happy July to you!

  2. Wow Shannon. The Cabo place looks beautiful. What a great way to set upself up to be ready for the Vipassana. I too am eager to hear your stories when you return. Have a great time.

  3. Wow Shannon what a difference...not sure I would be able to complete the second part of your journey...interested in your feelings after you complete it. take care

  4. Wow, Shannon, I can't even imagine! You will have such interesting stories to tell upon your return. Can't wait to hear about it.


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