Collage Sheets

All of these collage sheets are available in my etsy shop, BUT 
if you buy them here, you can save money AND have them faster!

Within 24 hours of purchase, you will receive a high-quality image file of the sheet you`ve ordered. You can use it however you want to - enjoy!

My favourite thing to do with these images is use them in collage, 
or as a focal point to some of my mixed media pieces. 

Please note that the images here are much smaller, lower-resolution version of the images you will actually receive. The ones I will email you are high-res and beautifully crisp!

Keep checking back! New sheets are being added all the time!

5-Pack Collage Papers - Seriously Awesome :)

Creepy Face Cards Collage Sheet - $2.00!

Loteria Collage Sheet - $2.00!

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