Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Celebrating International Monkey Day (A Break From WIWO Wednesday)

It's true. Today is Monkey Day. And in order to celebrate Monkey Day, I'd like to share the following from the Monkey Day Official Website.

How do I celebrate Monkey Day?


In whatever monkey themed manner you deem appropriate. Dress in your favorite simian attire, talk like a monkey all day long, throw a monkey themed party, send some monkey greeting cards, draw a monkey comic, or perhaps give a monkey themed gift, or maybe even give to your favorite simian charity. (Do)whatever you find most appropriate without being arrested.

In honour of Monkey Day, I'd like to recognize monkeys around the world for their cuteness, their thumbs and for their unfortunate involuntary contributions to science.

Did you know that many monkey species are endangered? Have a look at this website to find out more about how man's closest living relative is on its way to extinction.

Did you know...
- a group of monkeys is referred to as a mission or a tribe?
- monkeys are sometimes used as service animals for the disabled (similar to seeing eye dogs)?
- the first monkey in space was Albert II who flew in the US-launched V-2 rocket on June 14, 1949?
- monkey brains are eaten as a delicacy in South East Asia, China, and Africa?
- the three monkeys in the proverbial "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" are named Mizaru, covering his eyes, Kikazaru, covering his ears, and Iwazaru, covering his mouth?

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