Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Long Hair Envy

There are some girls in my school who are re-inventing 80s hair. They're growing their hair out really long and then shaving one side. The result is long hair on one side, and 1/2" hair on the other side.
I'm not sure that I would do this, but man-oh-man it looks so awesome!!!

I'm having long hair envy lately.

I sometimes have dreams that I have long hair.
That I put my long hair into ponytails or buns or braids.
That I style my hair in a French twist for special events.

Growing my hair out would be a huge commitment. My hair is currently about 1.5" long and platinum blond.

The colour is fake - my natural colour is a homely, plain, mousy light brown.

If I were to grow my hair long, I would have to stop bleaching my hair out once a month (which damages it pretty badly). I would have to have darker hair, or at least darker than my natural hair colour.

I think that it would take me about 2.5 years to get my hair to a length that I would deem "long." If my hair grows 1/2" per month, that is 21" over 2.5 years.
With healthy trims in between, I would have an overall length of about 18".

It would flow down my back.

It would wave in the wind.

I could use a brush and make it shiny. 

"Long Hair Envy"

Would I love it? Absolutely!

Would it be a huge pain in the bum while it grows? Yup!

But most importantly, would I be able to run my fingers through it and twirl it?


Oh yes.


  1. so are you gonna do it?
    I keep thinking the same (though my hair is much longer, comparatively!, than yours). Think-- well, if I don't cut it 'til I'm 55 (two years away).

  2. I don't know!!!! I can't decide!!! It's such a long commitment!!

  3. Your cute pixie face totally goes with your hair style now...I just chopped 6" off and have no regrets...reading a book is a long commitment for me. kim


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