Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Coptic Binding Tutorial (How to Stitch Your Own Book!)

I love love LOVE making my own books. I use everything from recycled hardcovers to cardboard and cardstock for the covers, and then customize my inside papers by either journalling on them, sewing on them, assembling pretty or funky papers together, or making them more "useful" like in my 2012 planner.

I've been asked so many times how to stitch a book together.

It's actually really easy!

I've made a tutorial for you to learn from :) Let me know if you have questions or comments!

Enjoy the show !


  1. Thanks a lot for such an excellent video!I didn't dare to sew my binding but after looking at your video, i know i have to try! Your album covers are beautiful!

  2. Thanks! It's actually pretty easy once you follow the steps. They key is to keep the string nice and tight so that your binding will stay firm.

    Cheers - and thanks for commenting!


  3. Shannon, Thanks so much for the great tutorial. I have looked for one that shows the process step by step. Thanks so much. I will be gathering my paper tomorrow.

  4. Shannon, I finally got around to making my own journal. I LOVE IT! Thanks for the tutorial. I added a built in bookmark with the remainder of my floss. After attaching the front cover, and tying the last knots, I pushed the remaining floss back thru the last hole in my top signature and then measured how long I wanted the bookmark by placing the floss between the last page and the back cover. Then I tied a knot on the end and snipped off the extra.

  5. hi,

    do i have to use a blunt needle or can i just use a regular pointy one?
    great video?



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