Friday, 20 July 2012

Complete Surrender

This week I surrendered to my internal voice.

On Wednesday I was supposed to pack up and drive three hours to a Vipassana Retreat. Once there, I would maintain noble silence for ten straight days.

Ten days of silence of the mind and soul. No reading, writing, creating, speaking, gesturing...

To top it off, sleeveless tops were not permitted, and I was not ready to cover my arms in the heat of summer in the desertous mountains.

So I've postponed my trip.

In the winter, when I am overwhelmed with routine, students, lesson plans and the gloom of short days and early darkness, I will seek retreat in Vipassana.

I can't wait!
Image via Chopra Centre
Part of me feels guilty that I cancelled this experience for myself, but then the realistic side of me steps forward and pats my head and gives me permission to dig in my garden and read books without guilt.

Isn't it funny how life unfolds...?


  1. I have missed you .... and I for one don't feel guilty in saying I am glad you are around......

  2. Good for you for following your inner voice! Timing is SO important for what we do, especially with an event like the silent retreat. You'll know when the timing is right!

  3. Only you know what is best for you...welcome was Mexico??


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