Friday, 22 February 2013

Alphabet Doodles

I'm always playing around in my art journal. ALWAYS.

While I was browsing tattoos on Pinterest (yes, I'm in the market for a new tattoo - my biggest one yet!), I started thinking that I would like to develop my own typeface one day.

I started playing around in my art journal, and got to some shapes that I really like.

I really like the a, the l, the e, and the x. 

Not crazy about the d, the w, the f and the t. 

I had fun with colour, too - can you tell?


  1. I love your font!! what did you colour them with? so vivid!!

    Tammy M

    1. Hi Tammy! I used these pens from Staedler:

      They're really cool because they have two tips - a felt tip and a brush tip. Super fun.
      (I got the full set, unopened, at a yard sale for two bucks last summer!)


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