Friday, 4 January 2013

ATTN: Mixed Media Postcard Swap V.3.0 Participants!

The deadline to sign up is now this MONDAY, January 7th, NOT January 11th as I had previously planned.

If you are waiting until the last minute to sign up for the swap, don't miss out! Sign up this weekend!

Click on the Swap Button to the left for all of the details!


  1. almost ready to send just waiting for address

  2. Shannon my cards went out yesterday, Wednesday. I mailed to
    Shiree J in New Zealand
    Tina G in Rockford, IL
    Lauren E in Asheville NC
    Pam P in Australia
    Helen Mc in Bremerton
    Kinberlee A in Auburn CA
    Barbara D in Canada
    Katie B in Naperville, IL
    Lynne B in Boiling Springs, Pa
    Penny S in North Pole, Alaska.

    The reason I listed names:the post office commented that my cards were not flexible and they may get kicked back. With no return address on them I won't have a way of knowing if they didn't get to their swapee.

    Swapees, I will make another card if you don't get one from me.
    Kay Milam
    Kerrville, Texas

    1. my email Kay Milam


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