Monday, 7 January 2013

A Strawberry Dress

Recently I attended a Journal Jam hosted by the ever-talented Violette Clark.

There were 10-12 of us creative types there, and it was a complete BALL sitting and working on art together!

Here is the page that I worked on.

I had done the lady and the border before, but I wanted to add some text.

Here is an in-progress shot. You can see that I pencilled in lines to guide my word shapes.
 The writing reflects the image that I created using magazine cutouts:

Sometimes all I want is a big bouquet of pink balloons and a big strawberry on my summer dress. Then, surely I'll be happy. Right?

I doodled over some of the images with a Sharpie Paint Pen and added some swirls to the bottom.

I'm not sure if it's finished yet, but I'm really liking how it's coming together!

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