Friday, 19 October 2012

Mixed Media Collage Art

Recently I invited a girlfirend over for a crafternoon.

The exciting thing is that she is JUST getting into art, painting, and mixed media, and is like a SPONGE when I show her the things that I've been working on! It's pretty great having someone ooh and ahh over everything I put in front of them!

We each created a piece of mixed media art - taking turns completing various steps and adding textures, objects and artistic elements.

We started by choosing a colour that we wanted to work with, and then sifted through my stock of papers, ephemera, fabrics, textures and objects to find pieces of our chosen colours to combine into a cohesive work. 

Laura chose pink (which is great since I tend to not use pink so much in my own work and had LOADS of materials for her to use!) and I chose blue (surprise, surprise!)

I love mine so much that I've hung it in the living room beside the fireplace!

It features light blues and an image from Alice in Wonderland of Alice staring at the fleeing white rabbit with bewilderment.

Lastly, I put tissue paper around the edges using an acrylic medium to create transparent texture.
I love it! :D


  1. It's wonderful and is a perfect fit for your living room wall. Sounds like your crafternoon was delightful! Happy Friday!


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