Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A Real Piece of Work

I've been working like mad getting stock ready for my upcoming shows!

A Real Piece of Work takes place on November 17th and 18th and features a huge mixtures of art and fine crafts

A Real Gem is on November 24th and 25th and features jewelry and accessories.

Both are at the Ocean Park Hall in South Surrey at 1577 128th Street.

The shows are organized and juried by myself and a close friend of mine - the selection of artists and crafters this year is UNPRECEDENTED!

And when I say I've been working like mad, here's the proof:

42 bracelets - glass beads and semi-precious stones

I looked at my leftover stock from last year and realized that I had a lot of necklaces but hardly any bracelets. Obviously my bracelets were the big seller from last year so I went for it!

Here is a close-up of some of the bracelets.

28 pairs of earrings.

17 necklaces - only some of them are shown here.
Not bad for three days of taking up the dining room table! :D

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  1. Thanks, Shannon. I appreciate your leaving such nice comments on my blog.
    Your bracelets are lovely!
    Here's hoping your shows are fabulous.


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