Monday, 24 September 2012

Take What You Need

I love guerilla art.

Guerilla Art: n. leaving anonymous art in public places.

Today I made this up and posted it on a wall in the main-floor hallway of my school.

When I checked back 25 minutes later, there were two missing (!!!).

There had been a class intermission during that time, so LOTS of people walked by it!

I've heard of other artist friends leaving their creative marks in their cities:
- leaving an art card at a table in a local coffee shop
- writing a message in chalk on the sidewalk
- giving a love letter to a stranger (randomly on the street)
- leaving a note of kindness or inspiration within the pages of a library book
- yarnbombing (often in the form as a hand-knitted piece wrapped around a bench or tree)

I think that the reason why I love guerilla art so much is that it is secretive for the artist and surprising for the recipient.

I love secrets.

I also love surprises.

Have you ever done any guerilla art?


  1. Shannon, I'm a part of Art Abandonment. There are thousands of artists leaving art in public places. You might want to check it out. I've abandoned 13 pieces in my town of Kerrville, Texas. It's great fun to do this.

    Kay Milam

    1. catch me at
      Kay Milam

  2. what a great idea .... I have not heard of it before but will definitely do it.... thanks for shaing

  3. I absolutely love this idea - I might just have to act on it! If I put something up in the staffroom . . .

  4. Love this idea! I've left ATC's at random in places, but tear off inspiration? Brilliant! :)


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