Friday, 21 September 2012

Musings on Realities - For Real! :)

I've been doing a lot of blog-surfing lately. For inspiration, ideas, and just to learn about other people from other places.

Over at the Simple Woman's Daybook blog, I learned about the Simple Woman's Daybook exercise and I thought that it would be fun and interesting to do one of my own.

I hope that you enjoy getting to know me a little better!

For Today

Outside my window...It's sunny and warm - definitely an Indian Summer for us here in southern British Columbia. I can see trees from my window and they remind me of growth and life. Being close to nature makes me feel grounded and secure.

I am thinking...about Chilaquiles. This traditional Mexican breakfast dish is a favourite of mine when I travel down south, and I've recently found this recipe that looks easy and yummy! I'm going to give it a try this weekend.

I am thankful...for my Naturopath who is currently working with me on refining my eating to exclude wheat products. I went off wheat two weeks ago and have been experiencing crippling digestive pain and discomfort ever since. It's been difficult having to leave class in the middle of a lesson to run across to the other side of the school to use the restroom. My poor students. Hopefully my Naturopath and I can figure out where I'm going wrong and eventually feel the benefits of eliminating wheat from my diet!

In the kitchen...I am not looking forward to the transition of outdoor grilling (which I do almost nightly) to indoor, oven cooking. I love stepping into the freshness when I'm cooking, and we have been eating outside on the sundeck since June. Luckily our prolonged sunny weather is enabling us to continue this...!

I am pants and a black peasant top with purple embroidery. I bought the green pants just a few weeks ago for back-to-school, and I honestly can't get used to them. I thought they were cool and different and they fit me well, however the grassy green colour just seems to shout at me (and not in a nice way) whenever I wear them.

I am art journal spread in a girlfriend's Teesha Moore-inspired 16-page art journal. I created one of these a few months ago. You can see my book and read about the process here.

I am host a BBQ with some friends this weekend. We are taking FULL advantage of the nice weather and plan to continue doing so until Mother Nature decides that it's time for Fall.

I am wondering...what kinds of things I can make that will sell well on etsy. Once I am pregnant and on maternity leave, I'd like to create a stay-at-home plan for as long as possible after my leave ends. This includes earning money somehow. Since I love art and crafting so much, this is where I am focussing my energy.

I am reading...Wheat Belly by William Davis. Hence the goal of eliminating wheat from my diet.

I am hoping...that I can go visit my parents tomorrow after work. My mom had surgery on her eye this week and I'm anxious to see - in person - how she is faring.

I am looking forward to...playing poker with some good friends this weekend. I'm an avid card player (for fun - I don't get into gambling) so I'm excited to spend an evening with some of my co-workers to have some yummy snacks and play cards.

I am my body works. I've learned that my blood type (A+) says a lot about my digestion. I've also learned that my body likes warm foods and liquids and rejects cold ones in the form of digestive issues. Interesting, huh?

Around the house...we are thinking about moving furniture around in two of our rooms. We can't afford any renovations, so we've thinking that we can freshen up the house by re-arranging the furniture. Fun! :)

I am pondering...what to do for my one-year anniversary of blogging. My first blog post was on October 3, 2011. When I look back at that post, I smile because it focusses on acquiring cheap art supplies - something I still love to do! Anyhow, I'm thinking a major sale in my etsy shop is in order, plus a giveaway. Birthdays are supposed to be fun, right? So let's have fun together!!

A favorite quote for on a journal page I'm working on: "For pleasure has no relish unless we share it" - Virginia Woolf

One of my favorite the parlour that I've created at home. I spend many hours there snuggled with a blanket and the kittens. I love the colours and the airy feel. The leather shag rus feels nubbly on my feet.

A peek into my is the only day this week that I haven't had an appointment or errand after work. I'm definintely indulging in some time for myself by lounging in the parlour (above) and blogging! :)

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