Wednesday, 25 April 2012

WIWO - It's What I'm Working On - Outdoor Lounging

We're re-doing our front yard, and today I'm trying to sketch up a plan for an outdoor double lounger.

So far we've tackled trees, shrubs, bark mulch, rock wall, succulent garden...mega overhaul.

An assortment of succulents... I love their luscious and voluptuous appendages...
My dream is to have an outdoor lounging space. We always have a breeze, so I envision a sort of outdoor bed with billowing curtains and loads of pillows.

I came across this - the feeling that I get from this photo is exactly what I'm trying to achieve.

Cute, right? 
Here are some of those billowing curtains I was talking about:

I can feel the breeze already...
I know that I will have to start with some sort of frame, pick out fabric and get some foam. (I've looked at pre-fab outdoor beds and they're super pricey!)

Yep. I'm going to make my own.

Probably from a stack of abandoned pallets across the street from us.

It will be rustic and simple. And lovely.

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  1. what a great idea...use your imagination and the free pallets and come up with your breezy space....a futon with 4 poles to hang sheets...


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