Thursday, 26 April 2012

Book Review: Traci Bunkers' Art Journal Workshop

This is the Art Journal book to rule all Art Journal books.


This book is the BIBLE of Art Journalling.

The Art Journal Workshop by Traci Bunkers.

(I haven't done Traci justice with my photos - some of them are a little blurry...)

This is the most comprehensive guide to art journaling that I have seen, plus it comes with a project-by-project, step-by-step DVD in case you need the extra guidance!

The first sections of the book are very detailed in outlining the tools for art journaling. This is always my favourite part of the book, and I like it when artists tell their readers exactly what tools they use - brand and all! That way we can buy exactly what they are using and experience similar effects. 
Traci's approach to her writing in this book is completely friendly and down-to-earth. I felt as if I was in the room with her and listening to her guide me through the tools and processes that she uses in her projects.

The language in the book is casual and familiar, and I think that this greatly helps invite the reader to be comfortable in themselves and to try the projects that she shows.

More tools - this time on media (mediumS that can be used in art journaling)

You can also see the green "TIP" section on the bottom right of this photo. Most of the pages have one or two tips from Traci on things such as how to conserve materials, where to buy supplies, or how to get the most from the overall experience.
I've left this image blurry on purpose - I want you to get this book and read the steps yourself!!

Each project has at LEAST one spread like this one above. Literally a step-by-step guided tour of how Traci created the art journal pages, the tools that she uses, colours, and techniques. She also gives us a glimpse at the thoughts that go through her head as she creates.

In all, this book was refreshing and timeless. I think that it will serve as a comprehensive and fun guide for art journal beginners and mixed media gurus alike.

I would certainly recommend it and am looking forward to showing you some of the art that I've made that was inspired by my exploration of The Art Journal Workshop.


  1. Thanks Shannon for a glowing review! Writing this book was a labor of love, so I'm always happy when I hear that others like it and find it helpful. Happy journaling!

  2. Hi Shannon I love this book to it is awesome haven't checked out the DVD yet but my favorite part of the book is the journaling prompts Traci gives, it is a very inspirational book!

  3. I agree with your review, Shannon...I'm a big fan of Traci's book. I bought it at a time when I was buying a lot of other books that had contributions by a zillion different people and seemed about a mile wide and an inch deep. I admired Traci for having a whole book of HER work, and HER approach, and HER ideas. I got a lot out of it!

  4. this book looks amazing!
    lovely to "meet" you!!


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