Monday, 23 April 2012

DIY Whimsical Handmade Folded Journal

I thought that I would share my process on creating a folded art journal.

It's so easy to make that I'm SURE you'll want to make your own!!

- A piece of posterboard (2 for $1 at the Dollar Store!)
- Your choice of acrylic paints
- Scissors
- Ruler and pencil
- Embroidery thread
- Hammer and nail (to make the holes for "sewing" it together)

The first thing that I did was paint the whole posterboard in colours that I love. I know this looks like a mountain scene but honestly it's just a random splattering of colour.
You can see that I didn't take a photo of this before I sliced it into segments. That is the next step :)

Here is the other side.

Once the posterboard was dry, I measured four equal sections.
Fold the sections to make different sized pages. I found it helpful to make a main fold to act as the spine, and then play around with different sized flaps for added whimsy on the pages.

Here is a close-up of my book after I stitched it together. I put some washi tape on it to add some colourful flair. The binding is made from three holes punched into the spine, and then embroidery thread passed through them and secured tightly.

After everything was stitched together, I went to town with washi tape and fandy edges. I just used my scissors to cut some interesting edges on some of the pages...

I cut the edge of this page to include a heart as a built-in tab on this flap.

The most important part of making this type of book is to have FUN!

Now that it has been built, I can fill it up with musings and collage goodies!


  1. Oh! I like it - so simple!

  2. Looks like fun! Great colors and whimsical edges...thanks for the instructions!


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