Monday, 27 February 2012

Book Love

One book in particular, actually.

I've had my heart set on this book since I saw it last week at our Art Club meeting. It's a book all about different ways of visual journeys, maps, geographies, goals, plans - anything, really!

The title is Personal Geographies - Explorations in Mixed Media Mapmaking

The author is Jill K. Berry - aka my new idol.

The artwork in the book is truly fantastic and I've just this weekend received a copy of my own to pour over and dig into.

I took a quick shot of the book when it was passed around at the meeting.
I sense a full book review in the coming weeks since I was unable to stop myself from ordering it on Amazon!

One page in particular caught my interest.
My good friend Violette loooooooves crows, and she would definitely fall in love with this art exercise...
Current Barnes & Noble coupons might be available for Personal Geographies - Explorations in Mixed Media Mapmaking.


  1. I love maps! I've put this book on hold at the library. Can't wait to read it!

  2. Oh yes - i do love crows......what a great page too - are you bringing the book to show me? I don't have it yet!

    Love, violette


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