Friday, 24 February 2012

"Framing" Complete!

On this week's WIWO Wednesday, I showed you two postcards that I've received. I've been trying to figure out how to display them in my home. Since they are textiles, I want to be able to touch them, so putting them behind glass was not an option.

I decieded to flip over a couple of canvasses that I had one hand and paint the BACKS of them black.

I then put a block into the recess in the middle and put on a few dabs of glue (glue gun glue is fairly easy to remove in case I change my mind)

The result is a 3D "frame" which sets off the pieces, allows me (and visitors!) to touch them, and cost me nothing since I had the canvasses and paint on hand!

I LOVE how they turned out!


  1. very nice idea ( my friend Angie took my original wording) Love it Shannon.

  2. Wonderful idea, Shannon! I love how they turned out too!

  3. I love how those look on the frames.....nice job!


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