Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Fake it 'Til You Make It

Today I am digging right in to Jill K. Berry's "Personal Geographies."

I would definitely recommend this book for, well, pretty much anyone who is into art. It's a collection of great photos, step-by-step tutorials, and "easily-relate-able" stories from the author herself.

This past weekend I got into the Head Map activity.

I decided to do it a bit differently than how Jill described it, but the end effect was quite intense for me so I'm happy with the result. Art is, after all, an exploration of self at the deepest levels, is it not?

First I traced Jill's head outline and filled it with thoughts that have been filling my head lately.
Hopefully you can read my writing. 

The second head that I did is what I would like to be in my head, relating to the same issues in the first image. I included some affirmation-style thoughts as well as ideal thoughts that would make my life so much easier.

I've heard time and time again things like "fake it 'til you make it," "act as if," and other sayings that help to manifest ideas.

I think that through this activity of drawing your current thoughts and then transferring those thoughts to more positive and optimistic hopes and thoughts, the act of manifesting has begun.

And can't we all use a bit of hope?


  1. Hi Shannon!
    I can't believe your 2 posts this week....I bought this book a few weeks ago and have had my nose buried in it....it's FABULOUS!!!! I can't wait to dive in and do a map or three or a hundred!!! I love, love, love your head map....you're an inspiration to me....thank you!

  2. We share some common thoughts.


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