Friday, 2 December 2011

Let's Build a Rainbow!

Tammy at Daisy Yellow is running a GREAT creative activity this week! We're building a rainbow one day at a time. Today's colours are Orange and Yellow and I've taken a couple of photos of some of my orange pages.

It's interesting - I'm noticing that I tend not to work in Orange and Yellow; I lean more towards Greens and Blues....

Anyhow, here are my Orange pages:

This was all crayon circles before I decided to give it an orange wash.
I love the ways that the orange made the circles into more of a muted background than a focal point.
Now I can use this page to journal on!

After reading Violette Clark's Journal Bliss, I've been playing around with creating my own font. Here are some letters that I like. I painted the background in orange and yellow watercolour paint, then pasted on some magazine letters. The letters that I couldn't find are the ones that I attempted to do by hand. Not my best work, by any means, but fun for the exploration!


  1. Great entries. :) Working out of your comfort zone is a good way to find new things that you might not have discovered otherwise. ;-)

  2. I like your idea of "collecting" letters in various fonts! Thank you for helping us build a rainbow this week.

  3. I'm so glad someone else is using other colors as well - I was getting a little shy about the fact that I don't really do monochromatic anything. Anyway, this is gorgeous, and I actually love your hand-drawn letters best of all - they have so much character!

  4. very cool font project (and a yummy orange-y background underneath it!)


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