Saturday, 3 December 2011

Go Green!

All day I've been thinking, "green, green, green...what can I make that's green....?"

You see, over at Daisy Yellow, there is a rainbow being built and I'm part of it! Yesterday was Orange. Today is Green.

I thought about doing something in my art journal. in fact, I prepped some pages for tomorrow's Blue and Monday's Black and White.

But today. Green.

Christmas is right around the corner, right? How about a Christmas-y wreath for the front door?

Aromatic cedar, Douglas fir and holly make my front door welcoming and Christmas-y!

I got so excited about wreaths that I made FIVE of them this morning. FIVE! So much fun :)


  1. Five! Wow! I love getting so into something that I make a whole bunch. Cheers to green today!

  2. Wow! That sounds like fun!! I really like your wreath, too - it's a really nice balance of not looking messy but not looking too controlled either.

    I'm so not a wreath person. I might try one some day. Who knows, maybe I'll actually love it.

  3. great wreath! I did my annual scavenging today to find enough greens to fill my windowboxes and large flower pot, but I always end up buying my wreath.


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