Friday, 2 December 2011

December Calendar

I came upon an awesome artist/art journaller/blogger yesterday: The Kathryn Wheel. She uses a lot of stamps and stencils in her art which is something that I stay away from, but I really like the overall look and feel of her pieces.

One thing that caught my eye in particular are her calendar pages. I've seen them before from other art journallers and I LOVE them - just a little space to put what to do or what you have done on that day. No need to keep a long winded journal with this, just jot down a note of what happened on that day and file each month away!

Here are some examples that got me going:

I LOVE the crows in this one bny Kathryn Wheel

I couldn't see who created this one, but I LOVE the date stamping that they did... (if it is YOURS, please let me know!)

  I decided to make one for December in my own art journal, since today is the first. No time like the present, right?

Here is how it's looking so far:

I used watercolour paint on the squares and acrylic for the background. The month title was done with a Sharpie fineliner.

Not bad, I think! I still have to add the dates in, and maybe some embellishments, but I'm REALLY liking the look of it so far!

Thanks for the inspiration, The Kathryn Wheel!

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