Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Sushi Excursion - We Save Trees!


My Monkey and I went to Richmond Sushi last night for All You Can Eat (AYCE). Uhmmmm YUM! The best part about AYCE is that you can try so many different items in small portions! Of course portion control isn't really the focus here, since you can order 14 of the same thing if you want to!

Ever thought about how many trees get cut down to make chopsticks? When you think that pretty much every sushi diner uses chopsticks - usually the wooden ones that the restaurants give you for free - that's a lot of chopsticks!

Monkey and I got some metal ones (metal as in the material and "metal!!" as in how cool they are) as a gift. Now we bring our chopsticks with us when we go for sushi. 

It feels GOOD to save trees! And using metal chopsticks is so chic - other diners and even serving staff ask us where we got them.

Metal is "Metal!"

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