Saturday, 15 October 2011

Stuffed Awesomeness

Last night I put the finishing touches on the last two of my Gremlins for this Christmas season. I'm calling them Gremlins for lack of a better name. They aren't REALLY Gremlins; they're cute stuffed animal-like beings designed purely for snuggling. I think these two new ones are my favourites so far - I LOVE their colourful "clothing." All of my Gremlins are button-free so that even the littlest of us humans can snuggle them.

The new ones that I finished last night.

One of my other favourites, featuring a faux-pearl zig-zag "necklace."

I LOVE this "quadropus" too!
I won't show you the rest of this year's collection - you'll have to wait for the show (A Real Piece of Work November 19-20) or find them on my soon-to-be-revamped etsy store, riggoo.


  1. i like the little green guy and the quadrapuss too! a-dorable!


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