Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Paradise Lost? (or, Why I Don't Mind the Rain)

An inspiring shot from °°k°°'s photostream on Flickr. Thanks! 

Today's breath of fresh air is fresher than it's been for the past 5 months. After the overcast doldrums of June and July (rare for us here in B.C.), the stagnance of muggy August days, and the long-awaited (and wildly welcomed) heat wave in September, October's rainy windstorms are not only a lesson in seasons, but an under-appreciated gift.

While the rest of the city grumbles in their wellingtons, scarves, inside-out umbrellas and overcoats, I, for one, am welcoming the change into Fall. The grass becomes greener and lusher with every raindrop. The leaves are reminding us of our mortality. The wilting trees and crispy brown lawns are again renewed with the nourishment that only nature can truly provide. We are entering the realms of rebirth, yet we must endure patterns of decay and sleep in the meantime.  

So for today, I ask you this:

Is there anything better than lying in bed in the dark beside a warm body, listening to the wind whistling, the trees moaning and the rain pelting down on the roof? For me, that is Paradise Found.

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