Saturday, 8 October 2011

It's Time for Dinner! (Last-Minute Thanksgiving Centerpieces)

I MUST show you some other ideas for Thanksgiving centerpieces. Of course my centerpiece for this year is the awesomest, but I have to say that there are some pretty cool ideas out there for cheap!

I was doing a little search for what to do for place cards and I came across this post from Laurie aka the Tip Junkie. While I tend to shy away from using other people's ideas and prefer to create my own, I got a little giddy about these upside down wine glasses turned into candle holders/pumpkin protectors. Pretty much awesome. Call me a domestic nerd, but I LOVE double-duty kitchenware.

Twigs in a jar. So smart!!

Then there's the old "throw some stuff into a bowl and call it art" centerpiece. For example, I see a lot of jars of cranberries, nuts, stones, leaves, etc. This creates a shot of colour in the middle of the table which I like and it can also make your house smell nice. Imagine stuffing some fresh cedar cuttings in a clear vase for your table. Instant art and incredible scent! Just make sure that you don't overpower your guests with different odours. They're there to taste your food, so don't distract them too much with other scents.

Rachel Ray's really good at the whole "things in jars" idea. (I know, I also cringe when I think of her, but you can't blame her for being a smarty!) She has some good ideas for centerpieces from the backyard. This post is AWESOME! Not only are these options cheap or free, but they're quick and they really give you that earthy, country look that makes for a cozy evening. I've already included a tree branch on my table (thank you, wind storm!) along with some mini pumpkins, dried corn, red leaves, and this really impressive pedestal serving dish that we bought at Home Sense. You can see my centerpiece here.

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