Friday, 5 April 2013

Paper Lovers Unite!

I must tell you about a package of paper that Dick Blick has on their wesbite.

This is the image from their website. With all of that colour and pattern, I figured that I couldn't go wrong. 
I ordered two of them, thinking that the price was right, plus they looked so pretty!

You might want to mosey on over there yourself after you see the detail of some of the sheets...

I used two sheets to make this awesome journal a couple of weeks ago. I could tell right away that the paper was of EXCELLENT quality and that I would be able to use it for many journals to come. 

You can see that the texture of the paper is gorgeous. It's heavy and well-made. 

The paper that I used for the inner cover (from the same "pound") was thinner and more like a fabric. It was PERFECT for the inner papers, and the burgundy matched the red tones in the cover papers. 

This is also the first journal I've ever made with lines. I created the pages myself on the computer, then printed them out on my high-res laser printer, double-sided, of course. 
(It actually worked! I was SO SO happy!)

I have more photos - and more journals - in my etsy shop

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