Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Organizing My Ribbons and Trims

Eye Candy for the organizationally obsessed.

I decided last week to organize my trim, rick rack, and sewing ribbons. 

Here is what I've been working with the past few years:

A small suitcase full of a messy mass of trims. 

There are some pretty choices in there, but I was unhappy with how I had to root through the case EVERY time I needed some decoration. 

Enter an 80-pocket jewelry organizer from Amazon. For ten dollars. Yep. Only $10. 

And just LOOK at how amazing my trim looks now!

This side (did I mention that it's double-sided?) is in order according to colour. 

I had to include some close-ups. 

Now that I can see all of my trims, I love each of them even MORE!

Here is the other side - a lot of white trims and lace, plus some of my multi-coloured pieces that didn't fit into any colour category. 


Complete an absolute bliss. 

My organizer now hangs on the back of my studio door in all its glory. SO convenient and oh-so-pretty!


  1. Love it, Shannon! This looks great and I'm sure that whenever you need a ribbon or trim, it will be a pleasure choosing it from now on. I may have to order a couple of those organizers!

  2. Oh fabulous! I have a plastic bin filled with ribbons etc, not unlike your previous method. I'm inspired to get it organized. :)

  3. love that it's double sided...mine are more or less in a jumble :)


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