Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Pinterest: Love or Hate?

You may have noticed this logo (much smaller, of course) 
on some of your favourite websites, blogs and blog posts. 

It's the Pinterest Logo. 

Pinterest is becoming my go-to source for project ideas, art inspiration, decorating tips, even sugar-free dessert recipes. 

Here's the low-down on why I love Pinterest, 
and why you shouldn't be afraid of 
registering on (yet another!) social media website. 

It's marketed as a photo-sharing, social networking site. 
I see it more as a place to gather collections pertaining to one idea or another.

For example, I have a "board" completely dedicated to craft/decor/art projects that I want to try, another just for a collection of photos that I've found on upcycling Altoid Tins, and another for all of the Vintage Kitchen images that I come across searching for Pyrex, vintage decors, etc. 

It's a time-consuming task in the sense that once you start browsing  you'll keep finding more and more things that you want to look at!

Another thing that I like about Pinterest is that you can "follow" the "pins" of your friends (or of artists that you admire!) For example, I love Pam Garrison lately, so I am "following" her "pins," which means that when she adds a picture to one of her "boards," that action shows up in my main feed and I can see what she finds interesting lately. I particularly like her "board" on Art Journals and Journalling.  I *think* that if you click on those links, you'll be able to see what I'm talking about regardless of whether or not you are a registered Pinterest user. 

Some artists have "boards" that contain 600+ photos! 

Can you imagine needing some art inspiration and being able to browse through 
600 photos of a style of art that you already love?

I can!

(By the way, I have not yet received any spam or email from Pinterest, so there is no badgering or setting your email settings, etc. When you want to look at stuff, you go look at stuff. No one is reminding you to look. I like this, as I despise spammy emails cluttering up my inbox.)

If you haven't already, go check it out!
Give yourself 30 minutes to see if it is something that might interest you. 

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