Friday, 8 February 2013

Postcard Swap Deadline!

Hello lovelies!!

Just a friendly reminder that today is the last day to send out your cards for the International Mixed Media Postcard Swap V.3.0!

I LOVE doing this Swap and I hope you are loving it too!

Here are some of the cards that I received recently:

So many layers and textures!
The top right is actually an ENVELOPE that one of my postcards came in. How cool is that?!

Beautiful, right?

Here's the envelope. It makes me feel badly about sending out plain white ones,
when I could just spritz some colour and have a little masterpiece!
Look at the texture on this one - I'm a sucker for depth and textures!


  1. GORGEOUS postcards and lovely envelope too! This has been such fun to take part in - it's been a treat to pick up the mail in the morning rather than a 'ugh-it's-just-bills'!

    I've still got a couple more to receive :)


  2. They are beauties ..... I love this swap ... I have received gorgeous ones and will post a pic soon....

  3. Your postcards are looking great Shannon. I also have an amazing envelope like yours. Did it come from Tennessee? Only received 4 so far but its early days yet. Haven't received the full amount in the last twice so hopefully the new system will be more successful. It is lots of fun to play in. Thanks.


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