Friday, 28 September 2012

My Mini Art Journal

I decided to pick up a small journal for art journalling when I was in Mount Vernon, WA last month with my good friend Deborah Moskowitz

The journal is the perfect size for small musings and petit works of art.

In the front inside cover, I folded up a sweet note from a close friend and pasted it down. I can read it whenever I need a boost or if I'm feeling unloved (which is rare...)

I also stamped my initials - sg.

My friend Helen Campbell is a genius when it comes to working on small pieces. She is selling mostly ephemera in her etsy shop right now - you should check it out!

Anyhow, she has inspired me to work smaller.

I am also finding that it is a GREAT book for trying out different fonts, pens, and writing styles. It's nice to be able to just write one or two words instead of having to commit to a large journal page.

I played around with the word attachment during a professional development lecture this week. The letters are "attached" with black links. 
My little journal is a great place to glue in things that I find and little pieces of inspiration.

After watercolouring this page, I pasted in a heart doily that I saved from high tea close to Valentine's Day this year.

This spread features origami paper on one side and a bird on yellow watercolour on the other. I can use the wavy lines for writing down my musings when I feel inclined.
Here is a watercolour that I created on a hot beach day.
A full spread like this seems so much more accessible when it's so small!

I hope this inspires you to think differently about your art journalling.

Have you ever used a small journal like this one? If not, I would highly recommend it! 

Give it a try! 


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