Friday, 25 May 2012

A Peek Into My Great-Grandmother's Sewing Room

A visit to Mom and Dad's this past weekend resulted in an overwhelming glimpse into my great-grandmother''s sewing room.

My mother had a score of unfinished quilting materials and squares that were given to her after her grandmother (my great-grandmother) passed away.

I am definitely going to finish these quilts. Some are smaller so I will make them into cushion covers; others are full blanket sized. All of them are beautiful!

To think that these were done on an old treadle machine makes them even more precious as I run my fingers over the fine seams.

Feast your eyes on these fabrics and patterns!

I'm going to make these squares into a large square pillow.

I love the patterns and colours that she chose for this star... Not sure what I will do yet with this.
There are two stars in total.

The fabric is rough and porous...and lovely.

There are 3-4 large pieces of already-quilted sections that need to be finished.
Here is one of them. Look at the stitching!
Another image of the larger quilts that need to be finished. The fabrics are just perfect!!


  1. WOW! What a treasure!!! And how wonderful to have all that "woman-energy" passed down from generations!!! I have my grandmother's Singer treadle sewing machine, which is what I've used to sew my own clothes my whole life!

  2. What a jackpot, a treasure you can never replace. It makes me feel nostalgic just thinking about that quilt. My great grandmother gave my brother and I heavy comforters with a wool blanket sewn inside. My brothers was lost long ago. I still have mine. Great grandma has been in heaven many years now.

  3. what a fabulous treasure trove for you. I have my grandmother's cross stitch pictures and embroidered tablecloths. They mean the world to me. Enjoy your journey....

  4. What an amazing and meaningful find for you! It will be such a great experience to work on pieces begun by your great-grandmother. Those stitches are marvelous!


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