Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Thrift Store SCORE!

There is a World Serve Thrift Store on my way home from work.

My car likes to turn in there all by itself.

I swear that I have nothing to do with it.

Here is what I came across last week!!

  • An AMAZING lamp with fibreglass shape in mint condition: $9.99
  • A vinyl carry-on bag complete with inside pockets: $2.99
  • A patterned train case missing the mirror but oh-so-cute: $2.99
  • A milk glass soap dish with marble base (I think I'll use it to hold earrings): $1.99

SCORE!! :)


  1. You're a woman after my own heart, Shannon! But we already knew that, didn't we?? xox Deborah

  2. love your finds...love the shop...my Mom always gets great stuff there...way to go girl...


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