Monday, 2 April 2012

Filled Up and Lovely!

Here is a look at my revamped Duracell box shelving that it's FULL!

The little creatures are called Dunnies.
They are bought as a blind-box purchase, meaning that you buy an individual Dunny in a box without knowing which design is inside. 
Many artists have designed their own Dunny and these designs have been adopted into the regular Dunny rotation. 

There is my favourite one - a Dunny tree with disagreeing ears and a little bird.  Isn't the artwork fantastic?

This one also has disagreeing ears and is more rare since it has an elephant's trunk. 
And don't forget the absolutely fabulous backdrop for the Dunnies - the aqua display box!


  1. I did send an email but I guess I should repeat here. This post made me laugh because here in Australia dunnies are outside loos (toilets). We even had a dunny man to take away the full can and replace it with an empty - yuck. Having said that your dunnies are s-o-o cute!
    Cheers from Oz PamP

  2. I've never heard of Dunnies...interesting and cute...and they look great in your new cabinet!


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