Thursday, 8 March 2012

Doesn't This Look Juicy?!

Just came across this online workshop from Joanne Sharpe.

There are a million and one online workshops out there from artists.

I rarely take them and hardly ever promote them.

But this one looks REALLY awesome...

Are you taking it? I think I'd be more inclined to take it if I knew that some of you were taking it too. Then we could compare notes and chat about it (informally).

Let me know :)

NEW INFO (updated March 8 at 3:30 PST):

*online class goes live April 9, 2012*

*25 alphabets in

*25 video lessons with

*25 printable reference pdfs


*5 weeks April 9-May 11, 2012



  1. I did the first online class from Joanna and i loved it. I think I do this second one as wel.

  2. I did Letter Love 101 and it was in my top 5 all time favourite online classes, I am so signed up for this one <3

  3. Looks terrific but I don't see it on her website yet.


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