Wednesday, 4 January 2012

WIWO Wednesday - It's What I'm Working On.

The last couple of days I've been really engaged in creating my first zentangle. Similar to mandalas, zentangles are supposed to be really therapeutic because they take FOREVER to complete.

This is pretty helpful to me, since I focus a lot on the final product and have a hard time slowing down to enjoy the process.

I've taken photos of my first zentangle step by step. I used two pens: a Sharpie fineliner and a Sakura Pigma 1.

This page is a pretty important one to me since it is the inside cover of my new journal ie: it had to be PERFECT.

Is it? You be the judge!

The lighting is a bit wonky in these photos, despite my attempts at brightening them. I hope you'll get the general idea...

I started out by drawing a big S and then drawing stripes through it to break up the page a little.

Coming up with different patterns for each section was the hardest part of this... 

Little by little it started to take form. I obviously tend toward organic shapes!

Since this is the inside cover of my new journal, I wanted to include a little blurb for inspiration.

Really taking shape now!
You can still see the general shape of the S although I made a point to not outline it directly.  

Et Voila! The finished product! My favourite pattern is the brick.
I also like the face on the left, and the tree, and the rose.. and the... just kidding.
I'm really happy with how this turned out!


  1. Love this!! Super cool and interesting!!!

  2. Thanks! It was so fun! I'm definitely going to be incorporating zentangles into my work from now on!

  3. Awesome !!!!!!! you did a fabulous job.....

  4. Nice job Shannon, I love it.

  5. I Love your first tangle. So energetic and original. I think you will really like the tangles Fescue, Flux, and Quabog. They are all very organic forms.
    Tangle on,
    Melissa CZT #6

  6. @Melissa

    Cool! I just came across so I'm going to look them up right now!



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