Thursday, 5 January 2012

Breaking Into a New Journal

I started a new Art Journal (insert giddy giggle here). Some people are afraid of a big empty book. It's too daunting, a big commitment, or just too blank. Not me.

I have one thought when I start a new journal:

I get to create ART in this journal. ART!

I was at a loss for how to customise the cover of the book until I went over to my friend Violette's house. (If you haven't visited Violette online, shame on you!)

While I was there, I met the Colour Goddess. One look into her crystal green eyes and I KNEW that we were destined to be together - in art.

My new Art Journal cover!

I etched out a square in the middle of the cover in order to make room for her.
Pretty big commitment, huh?

But alas, isn't she gorgeous?

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  1. awwwww.......thanks Shannon for including the colour goddess on your blog - you are so sweet. Her real name though is the Bohemian Goddess - kind of like you!
    Loved your video!

    Love, Violette xo


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