Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Orange is Overrated

I know some MEGA orange-lovers.

One of my favourite bloggers is Tula Jeng over at Whorange. She can't get enough orange.

I can't get far enough AWAY from orange.

To humour the orange-lovers of the world, I decided to try a page in my art journal completely dedicated to orange. I found some orange origami paper and got out all of my orange crayons and felts. And then I created.

I couldn't finish fast enough. It wasn't therapeutic or calming like art journalling usually is for me, it was painful, stressful and I felt anxious....

After this experience, I looked up the meaning of the colour orange. Emily Gems says that orange can be used to increase creativity. Hmph. Orange also increases the craving for food, which is a bit bizarre. I don't have any orange around my house yet I'm always feeling snacky...

Anyhow, here it is, my simple, couldn't-finish-fast-enough orange page.


  1. too funny !! I bought a cutting board, guess the colour...orange lol

  2. Good exercise to step outside of your "color" zone

  3. funny...i feel the same way about pink! :)

  4. Ha ha...oh, well...I'm an orange fan myself...I find it refreshing and energizing. But, geez, what would happen if we all had the same favorite color? It would be kind of a nightmare. Probably good to step outside your comfort zone once in awhile, but no obligation to stay there!


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