Thursday, 17 November 2011

Musings on Oregon

This past weekend the Monkey and I went on a road trip down to Oregon.

We stayed at the Village Green Resort in Cottage Grove = R&R at its finest.

The trip was just plain great, really. Lots of great things to see and do.

The Main Street "downtown" had some really amazing old signs like this one.

We spent a bit of time exploring Cottage Grove - the covered bridge capital of Oregon (heh!). Some of the bridges we saw were actually pretty neat. Some of them were blocked off to traffic,
but we did get to drive on one of them.

This is the first one that we stopped at. Photo-worthy.

This bridge was built in 1925. Still stronger than ever, according to our feet!
This is the view from inside the bridge looking out.

We drove up to Eugene on the Saturday and came across a huge outdoor market. There were so many great smells and sights. The Monkey bought some roasted hazelnuts and I indulged in a new hat. 

Apparently this is my "Oh, I *love* it!" expression.
One cannot have too many hats.  

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