Saturday, 22 October 2011

October 22 - National Color Day!

Did you know that in Canada we make the word "color" even more special by giving it an extra letter? That's right. When you play Scrabble in Canada, "colour" is worth more points.

The Monkey at White Rock Beach

Today is a day to celebrate colour. That means that pretty much every visual artist everywhere should sleep in and drink extra coffee (or tea!) until they are good and ready to start their day.

You see, I have a secret love affair with colour. I get so excited poring over paint chips at Home Depot that my grubby little hands grab them by the fistful! When I see the blues, oranges and pinks of a sunset over White Rock Beach, my heart skips a beat or two and my breath is whisked away with the ocean wind.

To celebrate Colour Day, I've taken some snapshots of some colour pages that I've designed. Enjoy!

Orange - Gratitude

Brown - Includes a quote from George Sand

Red - I'm loving Mandalas lately...


Pink - Amour (love)

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  1. Love it! And thanks for liking my eye liner ;)


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