Thursday, 20 October 2011

Hair-do? Hair-don't!

As promised, here is an account of my "hair-don't." I can honestly say that the colour is too bright for me. I was hoping for a little more of a Barbie pink colour; instead I got what you see in the "after" photo below.

I used Jerome Russell's Punky hair dye in Flamingo Pink. Even though the colour looked a little on the magenta side, I kept envisioning flamingos. Nice, soft, pink flamingos.

So here are my before, during and after photos. I'm washing my hair 2-3 times a day now, trying to get the colour to fade. I really do admire the vivacity of the colour - it's SO bright and the product itself is pretty awesome. It was easy to use, smelled nice, and is sticking to my hair like crazy! :)
After. Tadaaaa!
Super awesome hair colour -
 just a little darker than I had wanted.

Before - a blondie.
During - a bag lady.

Like I said, the product really rocks, and the colour is vibrant, even, and ultra solid. It's just darker than I wanted. I would definijnltey use Punky brand colour again, just not in the same dark colour. With my skin tone, I like to have things a little lighter...

Unfortunately, Jerome Russell's Punky doesn't come in a light pink so I have to go elsewhere...

Next time I'm going to consider trying this one that I found at Walgreens online.

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