Monday, 22 April 2013

Card/Tag Swap

Just want to show you some cards that I've been working on for a swap with my local SAS (Sisters in Art Society) group.

They measure roughly 3" x 6".

First, I covered them with acrylic paint in red and aqua.

I then used a liquid paper pen to put some dots on the "branches."

I used some black chalk pastel around the edges and over the top to give the cards more of a rustic, aged look.

Then I sewed the cards onto kraft cardstock. I LOVE stitching on paper!

The bobbin was lime green, so there is a great colour dynamic on the back.

I used my Pitt pen to draw some scallops around the edges.

And then did some rough branch-type doodles on the aqua.

Our theme this month was "Childhood," and I think my cards speak well to that with their simple lines, motifs, and doodles.

Are you working on your cards for the postcard swap? 

Why not try some stitching or doodling over top of what you would normally do...?

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