Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Help? Advice? Anyone?

I need some tips on how to display my journals at the upcoming Blim Craft Show.

The tricky thing is that all of my journals are different. I can't stack them or bury them behind one another; I want to show all of them because they are all unique - colours, patterns, images, collages, fabrics, etc.

Here is my display from A Real Piece of Work last November. You can see on the right side of the photo that I had the journals all standing up so that shoppers could come up to the table and from their view, see part of each of the designs. (The wooden stands won't be at this next show, so try and ignore those...)

I need an idea that uses VERTICAL space instead of table space (as my table is going to be tiny!)

Thanks - ANY idea is very welcome!!!


  1. Well, you probably have thought to check the "desk accessories" aisle of your local office supply store, for things like clear acrylic "file sorters". Those might only hold 2, 3 or 4. I also think, maybe there is something like a fat presentation binder or display binder --- I don't know how fat your journals are, but might each one fit in a clear plastic pocket that has three rings in it?? And people could flip through it?? It's a stretch, but you did ask for ANY ideas ... :D

  2. ...also, if the clear acrylic file-sorters come 2, 3 and 4, maybe you could prop a second one up behind it, and hold up to six journals? Maybe set the back one on a brick or two? You'd have to stabilize it well, so that it didn't fall in your lap as soon as someone touched it...

  3. We have a store in Victoria called Matthews and it carries boxes, shelving and cases etc for displaying in stores. They have spinning holders for cards and racks for all kinds of things. Maybe you have one around you! But I used big baskets and had things in the bottom to make steps and people flipped through them. A spinning rack would be so cool! Good luck! -Tammy


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