Wednesday, 23 January 2013

My BEST Journal

I've been meaning to tell you about my Fused Plastic Bag BEST Journal.

It is probably the most fun  I've every had creating an art journal, and it has so much neat stuff inside.

Have a look:

The cover is made from fused plastic shopping bags.
There are somewhere between 8 and 12 shopping bags fused together using heat.
The front closure includes two buttons, one of which is a completely adorable owl.

This is the inside cover and first page. The inside cover holds a large envelope to tuck little papers and notes. The envelope is embellished with stickers and a strip of metal sparkle on the flap. The first page is a heavy Trader Joe's bag which was cut to size and embellished with an AWESOME kitschy deer photo.

Throughout the book there are pages that are cut decoratively, additional folds and flaps for added interest, and little bits and bobs glued fastened here and there. The colourful page on the right is from my good friend Tammy Murdoch of Embellish Studios.

Lots of things to look at here, including a tip in using sheet music, a wavy edge, and a red heart doily that reminds me of a sugar skull.

This page is the inside of one of the three signatures - you can see the waxed linen thread sticking out.

A full flip-through of this journal can be seen here on my YouTube channel :)

This journal IS for sale in my etsy shop :)

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