Monday, 5 November 2012

My Studio is Overloaded!

I have two shows in November, and I've been working overtime to get stock ready.

I keep thinking of great new ideas, so I'm making the process of preparing for the shows a little more stressful than it needs to be.

But really - look at what I've been making!

Remember the journals that I made using hardcover children's books?

Have a look here for more details on these journals!
Well, I had over a dozen groups of book pages that I had taken out of the books. All of them contained stories, fables, poems and fairy tales, PLUS great drawings!

I've gone through and taken out all of the drawings that appealed to me and I've made them into greeting cards!

Great images, right?

I glued each one on with a glue stick, then secured them with a zigzag stitch using my sewing machine.

I played around with different thread colours.

There are two different sizes - 5"x7" and 3"x5"

Then I stuck a label on the back of the card that includes my name and blog address.

And put them into plastic sleeves! All ready to sell!
These aren't in my etsy shop yet! We'll see how many are left after the sale.

I'm selling them ULTRA cheap - only $2 apiece, so I'm expecting to sell a lot of them.

If you are interested in buying a random assortment of these cards, let me know and I'll pick some of my favourites for you before I take them to the shows :)

Prices (either size - please specify preference):
$2 each (free shipping)
3 cards for $5 ($3.00 shipping) 
7 cards for $10 ($5.00 shipping)
15 cards for $20 ($8.00 shipping)

An easy payment on Paypal, and delivery to your door!

(I have over a hundred of these, so order as many as you like, or let me know if you want more than 15!)

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