Monday, 17 September 2012

Teacup Crafting

I LOVE looking at vintage and retro teacups and saucers when I'm at yard sales and thrift shops...

I've finally been able to figure out a craft to do with my teacup obsession!

This is a fine bone china teacup and saucer - I couldn't resist it's cool blue/gray pattern!

Look at the detail on the handle. Isn't it just darling?
Available here.

This one is actual Royal Doulton. The pattern is called Lilac Time.
I loved this pattern because it's so dainty and intricate. Isn't it lovely?
Available here.


  1. This is such a cute project for the sewers out there :)

  2. oh, I love the idea of a little granny looking at this ;-) So much knowledge, so much history. Wish we had more appreciation for our elderly.

  3. another really cool tea cup idea is to make candles. just melt some wax from old candles and fill the cups with it and put in a wick!

  4. Yes, those cups are impossible not to fall in love with. I have to tell myself not to buy more cups because I don't need more! :-)


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