Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Tree - Inspired by Insurgent

I'm reading a book by Veronica Roth called Insurgent.

On the hardback cover there is a picture of a tree with a lot of whimsy. I was inspired, so I used one of my new Copic Markers to draw it over a watercolour background that I had done.

copic marker - black
acrylic paint with a cardboard stamp (homemade)


  1. I love Roth!! Did you like Divergent???? One of my FAVORITES!!!!

  2. you've done it again, dynamic graphics & colors....i've got to get out my cardboard to stamp with, great accent! blest be :)

  3. love the tree..like the way it seems to be swaying...I am fixacted by trees..my Toronto friend call me miss treehugger..

  4. Hi Shannon, I have the first book on my night stand! I love your whimsy!!!!!!!!


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